Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Cassie. I've looked through your blog, your portfolio & fb . I'm definitely a fan, keep the pictures coming :)

I’m glad you appreciate my work, Thanks :)

You have a beautiful blog :)

Thanks :)

Take Flight

Decided to step out of my comfort zone for this shoot… and in some beautiful way, everything went amazingly well. The universe really conspires to give us that which we truly want, if we work towards achieving it.

You are so amazing with your work. I have much similar interests. Look at my photog link? Its so sweet how you express yourself

I wouldn’t say amazing haha but thanks so much for the kind words, i checked it out, you have some good stuff… i’m a big fan of B&W images :)

I love your portfolio. You really know how to capture intensity and power with them.

Thanks so much, I sometimes worry too much about the technical side but without emotion or a story, photographs aren’t ever really complete for me :) …

Wicked tumblr! :]

Thanks :)

Google+ created GIFs of my unedited photos with a new feature called auto awesome….. and just like the shoot itself, they are awesome

The Human Condition

The human condition forces us to guard our souls, to protect ourselves from the human experience which lifts it up, tosses it in the dirt, shatters it and then proceeds to put it back together. Human success is when we bare and bear it in all its rawness, overcome adversity and attain happiness within, which IS life… sadly we tend to suffer and remain in our human condition, hesitant to experience the journey and therefore never attain success, which is what life truly is all about….

p.s this came from an overdose in coffee, lack of sleep and over analysis of things