I fear that even though our paths often cross and our eyes sometimes meet, we are both destined to swim on different sides of this river…. 

Its all orange and blue outside my window right now

The s(m)il(e) behind the lens

I’m a 24yr old guy…. it should be illegal to be getting butterflies in your belly when you see someone at this age .. 




Ferguson 10/03/2014

Military operations

o shit son

fuck this world we live in

Not about photography, but this hits me personally… this is the type of world and society we live in..

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A simple portrait

Channel Orange

Post on my blog about the shoot as well as the rest of the photos can be seen here … as well as on my Portfolio site

I love your blog :) I love all of your art! Please keep them coming!

Hehe really feeling the love :) … thanks so much